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I was 39 weeks pregnant in the hottest part of the summer and was ready to get my little bundle of joy out! At my OB appointments that last month, I showed no sign of dilation or effacement and my doctor started talking about induction. I did NOT want a medical induction. I had heard about acupuncture for induction and easy labor from my first pregnancy. That time, I went through a 66.5 hour (yes... 66. Almost 3 days!) labor, and did not want a repeat experience. I was ready to try anything to get the ball rolling and have a quick, safe, pitocin-free delivery.
I saw Sarah the day before my 39 week OB appointment. It was my first time EVER getting acupuncture, and I felt a little nervous. Sarah had such a calm and professional demeanor, she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed right off the bat. She explained what to expect and how acupuncture works. She prepped me for the first needle. It was completely painless and sent such a wonderful vibration throughout my whole body! The rest of the needles were unnoticeable and wonderfully tingly as well! When I left my appointment, I felt such an incredible energy and sense of calm that if the treatment didn't induce labor, I felt so good, it didn't matter. 
The next morning I awoke at 5:40am with some mild cramping. I woke my husband, and told him to make sure the hospital bag was packed. As my contractions started getting stronger and closer together, I walked into my OB appointment at 11:30am. Because I was actually able to walk, I expected to be only 2 or 3 centimeters along. I was shocked to find out I was already 6cm dilated! I hurried across the street to the hospital, and by 6:33 that evening, I was holding my second beautiful baby girl! Sarah did such a wonderful job finding the right points to relax my anxious mind and prepare my body for delivery. I am forever grateful for such a beautiful experience!

Makala M.

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